luni, 6 iulie 2009

The e-MAIL

hello...........i'm back......I have something you would be interested....Last days i send an e-mail to SM....yeah......u read right. I got some email addresses, possible to Stephenie Meyer....but just an address was correct

Here is what I wrote in email:
hello ! My name is Andriol Elena Cristina. I'm from Romania, in Europe.Of course, i'm a big fan to your books , Twilight series.

I am honored that I can contact you, because here, in our country 80% from the teens are crazy from all about TWILIGHT: the books, the movies, the songs, the actors etc.

I send you this mail in the name of all your fans from this country. We regret that you interrupted the writing of the MIDNIGHT SUN book, because is more exciting than TWILIGHT.

We contacted other blogs and we want to continue this wonderful work, but i think you received and others mails like this.We appreciate your work and we want to continue this.
We, the Romanians, prefer the movie, but when we discovered the movie TWILIGHT and when we saw that the NEW MOON movie will appear just in November, we read the books and we read them now and again, because we love them.

Because we are large in number, we want , if u want too, to come in Romania and , maybe together with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison and others actors.

Because this film, I started to learn English more than before, so I can say that the book and the movie impressed me very much. please excuse me if the expression is not too good. Now the books were read and still read it, but we expect the movie NEW MOON.

I hope you will receive this e-mail and I will answer soon. Bye for now, i kiss you , Elena Cristina Andriol.

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valy spunea...

Buna, Bella:)
Petru inceput blogul e ok!
Succes in postari!
O saptamana frumoasa iti doresc!

bELLA spunea...

MS frumos Valy :*


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