sâmbătă, 3 octombrie 2009


Am mai gasit o poezie despre New Moon..Mie mi'a placut foarte mult.. :XX

"Mirror holding withered, aged face
Hair white and out of place
Love, my love walking towards me in the light
Forever and always alive, I will forever and always age
Todays birthday,
my birthday
How many has he celebrated?
Nightmares of things to come, my future life
Splattered across my mind

Pictures, memories
a photobook of sorts
Candles, roses cover wall to wall
Birthday cake and crystal glass plates
Silver wrapped package laid in my clumsy hands
Could she see what was to come, what is going on,
what will be gone?
Red crimson, cake splattered
Six golden eyes lay upon a
feast of flowing blood

He is leaving, gone
White house with wall of windows forever empty
Piano sits still, music no longer lingers
Bubbly life prancing in the halls, the dance has now ended
A kiss on the forehead,
a promise worth keeping
“Never existed” but will always remember
Life, as I have known it, no longer worth living

The moon sets and
my Sun soon rises"

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